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"passionate about...teaching"

"Mrs. S.- B. is a wonderful teacher. She is very patient and knows a diverse genre of music. It's always nice to find a teacher who is passionate about what they are teaching. As a collegiate teacher, I would definately recommend her for both, those who would like to advance or those who are just beginning piano." - Nicole M., Student in MIAMI FL

"exremely knowledgable"

"Ms. W S.-B. is extremely knowledgable In her craft and brings out the best in her students. She is energetic and teaches outside the box. She has found fun ways to teach my 6 year old which keeps her wanting to come back week after week." - Gina W., Parent in MIAMI FL

"patient and kind "

"I would definitely recommend Wendy as a piano teacher! She is patient and kind but also has a good sense of humor. What sets her apart however, is that she really gets to know her students. This in turn helps her find what teaching style works best for them. Wendy plays every kind of music you can think of. I learned songs from genres like pop, rock, classical (of course), and jazz. I appreciated her flexibility and her love for music. Playing what YOU want to play really changes your experience." - Xiomara F., Student in CAMBRIDGE MA

"an amazing piano teacher"


"Wendy is an amazing piano instructor. Her ability to simplify such a complex task makes it all the worth while. Learning to play an instrument is a life long journey. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Wendy will make this very clear. She will prove results, she is a guiding hand, sooner before you know it, your hands are flying across the keys. Trust her teachings and judgments. Her range in style is vast, she can go from classical, pop, to latin jazz. She will make anything easy for you. If you are one of those who doesn't care to learn to read music, she will teach you composition and chord progressions, etc. Just let her know what YOU want, and she'll give it. Enjoy it." - Tristan B., Student in MIAMI FL

"inimitable musical education"


"As a student under the tutelage of Wendy S. since age 9 (I’m now 17), I have not only learned to play piano in Wendy’s piano studio, but I have grown up there. During my first class, due to my relentless shyness as a child, I told Wendy only two things: my name and that “my left hand does not work” because I "could not read music on the bass clef"—she quickly proved me wrong. In the comfort of her living room, Wendy made me drill and practice with my left hand and practice musical theory in workbooks until I became proficient. Wendy not only taught me to play Jazz, Classical, Latin, and Contemporary pieces both by reading music (both on the treble and bass clef) and by ear, but also instilled in me a sense of discipline, dedication, and confidence that translates itself into every facet of my life. To say that Wendy provides an inimitable musical education would be an understatement." - Andrea Y., Student in MIAMI FL


"uncanny ability to relate"


"Beyond her outstanding academic credentials and personal history growing up in a music environment, she has the uncanny ability to relate with curiosity and sensibility to students of all ages and conditions,bringing out the best in each one, in a field where stern discipline and talent are just not enough. She singles out the way to guide and help each student to enjoy a ride where intellect, physical abilities, feelings and emotions come together to blend in an experience unique only to the human species. She works intelligently in helping each student in exploring and learning how to forge this noble metal alloy within themselves." - Marcelo V., Student in MIAMI FL

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